The Soldier

A bald eagle sits at attention while scoping out the upper Kenai River . Frequently seen sitting on spruce tops


Snowless Snowshoe Rabbit

Under normal winter conditions, the climate in Cooper Landing Alaska is averaging below freezing and the ground has sufficient snow cover to camouflage most wildlife who have adapted to our white winters . Although I believe the warmer conditions have put less strain on wildlife in general during our warmer winters, it’s animals like this white rabbit who may just suffer more .

Coyote Notch I’ll

Known as Coyote Notch in Cooper Landing , this nice area which sits near a old restaurant and lodge named Our Point of View is a popular location. The Notch like shape between the mountain and tall hill gives its it name . Coyotes used to frequent this area which will be impacted by the new highway which will put traffic within feet of this area . One of several wilderness experiences that will have direct impact from the by pass highway project which starts construction the year 2020 , scheduled for completion 2025