Brown Bear

This brown Bear is about as relaxed as you will ever see a brown Bear . As calming and reserved as this Bruin my seem, in a split second it may turn on you , the wind , weather and time of day all play a roll in a brown bears demeanor. If the brown Bears is heading to his or her feeding grounds and you are caught in a upwind unannounced encounter, close to its feeding area , it will let you know if you are unwanted in the area . A quick lunge will bring it in your lap before you blink and eye , you won’t have time to decide weather or not it’s a false charge because there is no time .Pepper spray is as good as a squirt gun is in a forest fore in this incident. To be prepared and to think quickly and precisely. A rifle or large caliber pistol will be your only defensive move and yes you will be taking a beautiful animals life , but there are more brown bears , you have only one life to give . It is over and you have no defense, arm yourself and be prepared. Those are the chances you take and those are the final decisions you’ll be making if your in search of anything that is within this brown bears domain. Think about these final questions you’ll be asking yourself, each and every time you walk in a brown bears territory


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