The best companion of my lifetime. Her alertness has saved my life on more that one occasion. She smells wildlife before I see it

Her quick sharp bark ( only one) alerted me to three brown bears closing in on my car , Fancy was inside the car , door open The brown bears were closing in at 30 yards and walking, I was 100 yards from my car .

It was the Trumpeter swans that drew my attention away from any unsuspecting Brown bear encounter . Honking and carrying on , it was the timing of Fancy’s bark that I heard . In between honking, one quick sharp hoarse bark , As I looked to her for guidance, I was blinded by quietness and fresh snow falling ,I had scanned past the brown bears to Fancy’s bark . As soon as our eyes met , Fancy was quick to draw my eyes directly into the oncoming brown bears , now only feet within the car ,I scurried along thinking all along , I just need to be able to jump in the car door before it lunges at me , The young 300 pound plus cub was noticeably irritated as it got closer to its mother .

By the time The Young retreated to its mother , I was safely standing by my car , the mother look at me and never raised a hair on her body

She gathered up her cubs and walked slowly away while the snow falling muffled all noise

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