Log Sauna

Almost always referred to as “The Steam Bath” this will built log sauna has cured many ailments after a one hour bath . A wood burning stove heats this up in about one hour. Built in 1958 and still in operation these days , it cures just about any ailment a person can think of . It isn’t just the bath as much as the experience that leaves people feeling great after one hour of steaming . The lake (Kenai Lake ) is about one hundred yards from its front door and there have been people that insist you really haven’t taken a sauna until you have taken a dip in Kenai Lake afterward . I’ll leave that experience up to the youth these days . Kenai Lake has a average temperature of below forty degrees 40 and it will close the pours on ones body if they choose to do so .A great way get clean


A piece of driftwood approached from this direction takes on the look of a Seahorse . As I walked the shoreline of Kenai Lake this mid January morning, approaching it from the north and hiking south this piece of driftwood looked like any other piece of driftwood. After returning with the sun on my back , it reminded me of the recent tour of the Aquarium in Atlanta when it took on the look of a Seahorse

Vapor Trail

Usually a vapor trail from a jet will disappear within minutes after appearing . It may not disappear completely for sometime but the trail itself will spread out and not be as recognizable as this one . It appears like a line drawn through the sky, not a mushroomed out unrecognizable vapor trail, making this particular picture, Unique