The best companion of my lifetime. Her alertness has saved my life on more that one occasion. She smells wildlife before I see it

Her quick sharp bark ( only one) alerted me to three brown bears closing in on my car , Fancy was inside the car , door open The brown bears were closing in at 30 yards and walking, I was 100 yards from my car .

It was the Trumpeter swans that drew my attention away from any unsuspecting Brown bear encounter . Honking and carrying on , it was the timing of Fancy’s bark that I heard . In between honking, one quick sharp hoarse bark , As I looked to her for guidance, I was blinded by quietness and fresh snow falling ,I had scanned past the brown bears to Fancy’s bark . As soon as our eyes met , Fancy was quick to draw my eyes directly into the oncoming brown bears , now only feet within the car ,I scurried along thinking all along , I just need to be able to jump in the car door before it lunges at me , The young 300 pound plus cub was noticeably irritated as it got closer to its mother .

By the time The Young retreated to its mother , I was safely standing by my car , the mother look at me and never raised a hair on her body

She gathered up her cubs and walked slowly away while the snow falling muffled all noise

Full Moon Fishing

Full moon fishing was taken on a evening of clear cold weather . The fishermen put their boat in downriver and paddle up stream to the local boat ramp at the bridge that separates Kenai Lake from Kenai River .

I was taking various shots , testing my aperture setting and shutter speed setting and so on

Slowing your shutter speed and decreasing you aperture will smooth out the wave and water movement. In one setting I may have six variations of finished pictures to choose from from one subject or event. It’s not always text book Photography when the temperature is low and the moon is full . The subject may have life or it may have various forms of life , present and past . A stick on a early morning hike was moved in such a way that it looked liked two sticks , yet one was a mirrored image .I ran across that stick just the other day and will reference it when I find it again