Snowless Snowshoe Rabbit

Under normal winter conditions, the climate in Cooper Landing Alaska is averaging below freezing and the ground has sufficient snow cover to camouflage most wildlife who have adapted to our white winters . Although I believe the warmer conditions have put less strain on wildlife in general during our warmer winters, it’s animals like this white rabbit who may just suffer more .

Unsettled Swans

As I watched these Trumpeter swans this afternoon, a boat with a fisherman had pushed the swans into deeper water and with no feed . Some rested a little , some spoke to one another and one or two just drifted around . Within fifteen minutes they would leave this area at sunset . Probably heading south for one of two things , food or the winter .


Probably normal under today’s circumstances, these two moose understand the advantage of traveling in pairs while skirting a normally frozen lake early one late October morning. Defense and companionship are the advantages in pairing up

“I Love America “

The beautiful Trumpeter swans initial out the I love and the flag on the remote cabin represents America. Gathering this time of year to migrate south . Some will usually stay around and often be seen at the outlet of Kenai lake and Skilak lake in slow moving unfrozen waters . Eating mostly green algae that lays just below the surface . Often a mallards or other waterfowl is present eating the green algae they have stirred up . Simply put “Most Beautiful ” waterfowl