This is the same coyote with possibly a little more curiosity than before. It probably has seen movement in the direction of myself and it awaits more . From the distance I was from it and the noise of the steady paced river current , only sudden or large movement is noticed and the river noise drowns out any I may create by taking a photo

Blue Eyes

On a late fall afternoon I sat near the edge of the Kenai River thinking I may get a Bald eagle passing by or some other type of bird . I was right across the river from a eddy of sorts , a pool of water that that has no current and what current it has is usually in the opposite direction of the main stream

This lone coyote was leisurely looking for scraps that may have washed up in this eddy The coyote frequents this location often and I had seen tracks , but never the coyote. I’ve seen carcasses wash up in this eddy and when that happens all kinds of predators begin showing up . This afternoon would prove to be a good evening of shooting . It’s a popular area in the summer when the Sockeye salmon are running . The salmon seem to stop just below this eddy because the current is slower and the beach provides a good place to stand while fishing .A great day for taking pictures of Blue eyes whose eyes seem to reflect the color of the river which is a glacier blue

Black Dot

Like most times I’ve seen coyotes, they are usually in search for food . Choosing the banks of river as a main method of travel brings them out into the open. This coyote has a remarkable black marking on its tail , giving it the nickname black dot

“Black Dot “