Great Catch

I had been studying the currents of the Kenai River and thinking about how deep the river must be . Thinking to myself about the chances of seeing a eagle catching a fish in relation to this location. Before I had a chance to set my gear down midday in late February, this eagle flew by and circled back only to give me this great opportunity to watch it catch this huge rainbow out of the Kenai River almost instantaneously. Wow , I could not have imagined a better shot as the sun was only hitting the river at this location . It just keeps giving both good photos and suppling food for the wildlife

The “Upper Kenai River ” that is

A Trout Dinner

If I did not see this bald eagle personally catch this fish , I would have assumed it was a late run Silver Salmon. However because I took pictures of the catch , I identified it as about a 22 inch rainbow. The Kenai River was shaded except for the area where this rainbow must have surfaced and the eagle dived like a arctic tern to snatch it from the icy waters of the Upper Kenai River

The Catch

A bald eagle brings a Sockeye salmon to its nest in late July of 2018 . The immature eaglets are waiting anxiously for their dinner and to their surprise it would be a tasty salmon on this day . The clouds were forming very unusually and that’s what drew my attention to look up . The eagle struggled about and kept circling until it gained enough altitude to coast into its nest

It must have gained three hundred feet as I watched it and finally I lost sight as it flew Toward black clouds