A cold afternoon in December on the Upper Kenai River produces a double reflection from the fun moon. The position of the full moon in reference to the river indicates the time of day . Obviously after sunset .The sun doesn’t get as high in the sky during December as the moon does

The Moon Speaks

A full moon over Kenai Lake in March

The winter of 2016 to 2017 was a winter of historic proportions. It snowed in October, then the snow stayed in November, the lake froze all the way across at the cove and or Snug Harbor on December (11th) to be exact. Everything season came and went without any highs and lows . The rain stopped for six months . This picture is on March 11th 2017 and everything about the picture represents Cooper Landing. From the civilization on the east shore , Langille mountain up front and the reflection off the still frozen lake . The second reflection is open water representing the time of year , first of spring . The cast of light represents the time of day.The mountains and snow depth can tell a person the time of year it is