Winter Sunset Summit


Summit Sun

I purposely followed up on my Summit Sunrise with this Summit Sun picture to show the contrast and areas that the Sun shines . With many mountains paralleling and darting off from one another, some areas are gong to be shaded while others get to bask with the needed light from the sun . Even if your only getting sunshine in bits and pieces, it is always better than none

Summit Sunrise

During the winter months Summit Lake gets sun while many places don’t , however it was almost 1:00 o’clock when I took this picture and it would set in two and one half hours. Even though short lived , it was most appreciated especially when the area I reside has none to speak of . Although high enough to hold snow while other places have none , it’s altitude has nothing with sunshine. It’s the crease between the mountains that lets the sun squeak by just briefly, yet year round . I hope to see a ski resort in this area very soon , it’s so very deserving of one

Summit Lake

catching the sun at just the right time of day and year are important when photographing this cabin on Lower Summit lake . The lake froze over night on this particular day in Late November and the reflection was ice the following day . A location that everyone driving the Seward highway drives by